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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Aardvark is comforted.
The Queen Bee, Nancy Pelosi, is ensconced in the Seat of Power as the new House Speaker.
The Lizard Queen, aka the Hilldebeest, aka Hillary is slouching towards the White House, aka The Cherry-Blossom Throne.
He feels so safe and secure, especially in light of this.

Your Aardvark may be reactionary in this, but to me this says that a State of War exists between the US and Mexico. It has been de facto as far as the Aztlan crowd are concerned, but should now be declared de jure. (More pro-Aztlan stuff here)

Now, THIS little forgotten incident occurred in 2000.

The Aardvark has his knickers in a twist (just don't think about it) because our armed forces
before the Mexican Horde. Armed May-hee-can nationals CROSSED OUR BORDER, "overran" our troops, causing them to retreat. The invaders then faded back across the border.

This little sortie showed Our Good Neighbors To The South Who Just Want To Work Hard By Doing The Jobs Spoiled Americans Won't Do a simple truth:

We will not stand up to them.

What this says to your Aardvark: May-hee-co has declared war on us.

Enjoy your enchiladas!


Pretty Lady said...

Oh, relax, darling. If you knew hordes of Actual Mexicans, as I do, you would know that they are All Talk. They like to amuse themselves, being all pretentiously radical on University campuses and such, because they have a vague idea that Students are supposed to be Radical.

But mainly, their Radicalism consists of smoking a great deal of pot (which as you know, makes people passive and stupid), listening to the Beatles, and Talking. Occasionally they get around to putting up a half-assed Website. That is All.

There is a reason that half a dozen malnourished conquistadors were able to subdue half a million natives. Very sorry to say.

The Aardvark said...


Yet it is clear that there is a contingent of our neighbors-to-the-south who are not content do live in Weedy doldrums, slumbering 'neath their serapes and sombreros.

It is the Others about whom I have concern.
Again, it comes down to Word.
Do our written laws mean anything or not?

It is the "or not" that makes me dyspeptic.

I am really not a Johnny-one-note on this. It's just that so much regarding it comes across my figurative desk. I do not lie awake in the night awaiting the susseration of Mexican breathing to signal my demise.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
This wheel calls attention to itself overmuch.