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Friday, January 26, 2007

Beyond their Promulgating the Lie, I have another reason to avoid H&R Block.

Their new commercials have the hapless hubby using a "box" tax software product.
He gets stumped, so his redheaded (usually a major plus) wife proceeds to he...

You think I'm gonna say "help".

Proceeds to heckle him: "Ask your tax people. Oh, wait...you don't have people. You have a BOX. Ask the BOX." She talks to the box, then holds it up to her ear and hears nothing, you know, just to REALLY illustrate what a stupid yutz her hubby is.


There is a second one that is even worse. Sadly, from many of the blogs I see, her attitude is FAR from aberrant, so far as current norms are concerned. Of course, at least as far back as old time radio, the showcasing of hubby as a boob, and wifey as Einstein-once-removed has been the standard. Hmmm, could be why SO many men do not want to marry, especially the no-fault, feminist, covenant-bereft, anemic, government-ridden travesty that passes for marriage these days.

Personally, I am blessed to be married to a woman who not only read Proverbs 31, but chose to emulate it, one who also does not "trouble her own house".

I am thankful for the Dread Dormomoo.
Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

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