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Thursday, January 04, 2007

I have not provided the churlishly yclept "loot list" of Christmas goodies. This shall be rectified partially now.

We have been enjoying the wonderful Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry series "Jeeves and Wooster".
I was gifted a boxed set this year. Dr. House as a brainless but good-hearted Rich Young Man.
Laurie can pull faces only cartoonists dream of. P.G. Wodehouse wrote the stories, and I chafe to read them now.

Get the books, and get the vids. They are painfully funny, and well worth the time spent. Witty, charming, arch, and not an unclad bosom in sight, nor unclean tongue.

Wow. It CAN be done!

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Billiam said...

Hugh cracks me up. I love that show, House, that is.