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Saturday, January 06, 2007

If you are on the Northern Gulf Coast of Florida, Sandestin or Niceville, or in Memphis, TN, or in Spanish Fort, AL, you NEED to go to Ciao Bella Pizza. Riatsila and I go there when we attend Anime South. Honest, it is one of the reasons that I go. Amazing Italian food. This is NOT an Americanized cardboard-crust chain, nossir; this is the Real Deal. Here is the TripAdvisor review page.

Do yourselves the favor. Enjoy. It's not just pizza, either. Their salads and desserts are amazing.
Then there's the bread and dipping oil. Between the garlic and the olive oil, I'll NEVER have a coronary! Absolutely amazing.

OH! They are in Jacksonville, FL as well!

Go. eat. Rejoice!

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