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Friday, April 14, 2006

Our main computer was down for a couple of days, and I have been unable to post.

I saw a sadness last night. Ann Coulter was on O'Reilly, and they could agree on little. He wants a border of National Guardsmen. She wants a WALL (and hire illegals to build it. Cheap labor.)

Oh Really is WRONG. Here's the trick: If you have a Guard at point A, and a Guard at point C, an illegal is donna try to get through at point B.



We need a wall. We need it twenty years ago. No other nation on earth is as cavalier about its borders. We must have control over our borders, ond over who may cross them, and for how long.


Pretty Lady said...

Darling, I have no wish to contradict you, at all, at all. I am not a Public Policist. But, if I may, I wish to offer a bit of perspective.

The going wage rate in Mexico, the last time I lived there, was 50 pesos a day. This converts to just under five dollars. A day.

The going types of available jobs in Mexico consist primarily of things like breaking rocks with a blunt axe, working in chemical factories with no safety controls which occasionally explode and blow people's legs off, housecleaning for the ladies, and very little else.

There are no such things as 'business loans,' credit cards with which to start one's own business, unemployment insurance, or investments.

Any human being with intelligence and initiative who is born to the campesino class in Mexico is across the border by the time he or she turns twenty-one. These people accept the first minimum-wage or sub-minimum wage job they can, and send the vast majority of their wages back home to sustain their 6 or 7 younger siblings, while their parents continue to break rocks and clean houses.

Some of them eventually manage to save enough money to get an education and start their own business. The ones who make it do so because they work very, very, very hard, with morals and integrity.

It has been my empirical observation that individuals such as these contribute, in real terms, a great deal more to the American economy, in taxes and productive labor, than they extract from it in social services. Most of them are too frightened of deportation to attempt to collect 'benefits'; they're here to work.

Of course it would be best if they all obtained green cards. I do not know if you have ever attempted to navigate the labyrinth of constantly shifting bureaucracy that this requires. Suffice it to say that it is difficult, capricious, highly liable to failure, and too time-consuming for an individual whose family is likely to starve in the meantime.

Obviously, it would be best for all concerned if the Mexicans in Mexico did something about their corrupt and abysmal economy. Unfortunately there are many reasons why this is slow to happen, none of which we, as Americans, have much control over.

I, personally, do not begrudge these heroic people any job in this country that they can earn and perform to their employer's satisfaction. You are perfectly free to disagree with me.

The Aardvark said...

Y'know, PL, you should start a blog!

I mean, your comment is longer than most of my posts! And excellent to boot! Thank you.

Understood, my sweet, and there are a myriad of injustices in the world at which to tilt. The US is number one in charitable giving, private and government. How much more must we do? (I know the answer; I am Waxing Polemical.)

My concern is law. Without law there is mass rapine, and riots in the streets, and people breaking in and stealing Pretty Lady's pretty things. There is nothing to prevent anarchy, nothing to bring the miscreant to book in a just manner. "Oh," you say, "The Goodness of Mankind!". My Calvinist upbringing is ROFL!

That said, I have to turn to Acts.

Oh, shoot. I can't do this as a comment. I shall crib from the Voxsters page, block quote your comment, and proceed with a post. This will take time. Your call will be answered by the next avail..."*click*