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Monday, April 03, 2006

The endless litany of "We don't have enough buses" to handle a mass deportation of the criminals who have entered our country illegally is a fine example of "the dog ate my homework" thinking.
The Media Whine Machine is now at a fever pitch, especially since the invaders have marched 500,000 strong waving May-hee-can flags.

How long has the hoary old Greyhound carried people to-and-fro in our great nation? The media mugs are behaving as though you can only make one trip with a bus. (Ohhh! We took a load...we gotta scrap that bus and get a new one.) There is no reason not to deport the illegals. We have the buses, trains, and donkey carts to send all of them back to the NAFTA heaven south of our border.
Just load 'em up at the next protest march. They are foreign interlopers on our soil, waving a foreign flag. Use the National Guard.

But WAIT, there's MORE!
The Dread Dormomoo made an interesting observation.
Many of 'em walked in.
Line 'em up, and march them right back home. Our guys can ride in jeeps.

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Billiam said...

I agree with you there. Of course, we'd have to get earplugs to protect our hearing from the cries of racist and anti immigrant that would resound from the left!