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Friday, April 14, 2006

Just so's you know...

The Aardvark is NOT a rabid racist ideologue.
He has no particular concerns about the color of one's skin.
He does worry about the color of one's card.
As in whether-or-not it is green. And real.
THAT is the point. Legal, NOT racial.

It is Easter weekend. Jesus Christ, or Yeshua ha Mashiach for you Judaisers, is celebrated across Christendom for His death, burial, and triumphant Resurrection from the dead. Praise Jesus! Hallelujah, Messiah! I desire to be a good and faithful servant of the Lamb.


We have been enjoying the new adventures of The Doctor. Fabulous stories, great players, excellent effects, and CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON shows the dark underbelly of the heroic Time Lord. BILLIE PIPER, well, I would crawl on my knees over broken glass for her smile.
I hope that Sci Fi smartens up, and begins showing older Dr. Who episodes. They would RULE the ratings for geekdom and Brit fans, especially those who will retch if they have to see ONE MORE RE-RUN of Are You Being Served on their local PBS station.

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Billiam said...

Happy Easter Sir! May God continue His blessing for you and your family.And keep posting, I stop by evry time I'm home.