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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Night Sober Blog

Hello, Kiddies! Auburn won the Iron Bowl!

That said, to biz!

Lost In Space was "The Ghost Planet". A planet of robots summons the Jupiter 2 to land, and suborns the Robot to bring the Robinsons to be used as slave labor. Only Will and Doctor Smith are taken. Will the Robot return to his senses, and our heroes escape the Supreme Brain? And what about...Naomi?
Star Trek "Metamorphosis" is up tonight. A coruscating blob of energy shuttlejacks Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Hillary Clinton (or Commissioner Nancy Hedford...it's hard to tell them apart when she talks), and takes them to a small planetoid where they meet none other than Zefrem Cochran (the "discoverer of the space warp"), who was rescued a century and a half ago by the energy cloud, rejuvenated to youth, and sustained. "The Companion" as Cochran dubbed the cloud, has summoned our heroes to be company for Cochran. Bad news! Hillary caught the epizoodic and is going to die if they don't get to a Starfleet osteopath or somesuch. (Seriously, sickness aside, she is a thoroughly unpleasant woman, shrill and demanding. That seemed to be a standard type for the Trek writers - cf. "Stella").

For some reason the Companion cannot heal Hillary's illness, Sakuro's disease, which I suppose is caused by an overdose of Magical Girl anime. So the Companion, who turns out to be feminine, joins with Hillary before she dies, and together they offer to be Cochran's companion. Cochrane overcomes alien squeam in about 3.8 space mini time units, and chooses to stay and have hot sex with an alien-possessed Hillary.

The script writes itself!
Not being overly fond of Abbott and Costello mashups, I am forgoing the Svengoolie "Frankenstein" offering. Even I have standards.

I am also frying a turkey. We had Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of the Dread Dormomoo's brother, so no leftovers. So our new tradition is to fry a turkey a day or so later, make cornbread and sage dressing, and have fresh Thanksgiving leftovers. It is a good tradition. A twelve pound turkey, done in fifty space-minutes! My only complaint is that there is not a Jetson's ring in sight.

I'm a Whole Berry man!
Did I say Auburn won the Iron Bowl? This appears to be important to some.
I am prepping for a panel at Anime South, a rejuvenated con in the Florida Panhandle. Marc Yu is one of my favorite con putter-onners, and after taking a couple-three years off, has brought AS back!
He has a Christian faith, and wishes to share it AND his love for anime. There will be overtly Christian tracks at this con, so we shall see what happens. I will be doing a panel, and will examine Christian imagery in anime. The title is "Sometimes a Cross Is Just a Cross, (or) Why Nuns Can Become a Habit. The DD will be attending with me. Prayers and suggestions will certainly be welcomed. I will have fifty minutes to Inform, Entertain, and Influence. I have never used PowerPoint before, so....

The bird needeth to be carven. Perhaps more later!

Happy Sunday!


Michael W said...

"The Ghost Planet" is a good example of why color alone is not enough to save a television series. With black-and-white you at least had the impetus of: "OMG! We're in black-and-white! We'd better come up with something to hold the interest of the audience. Maybe . . . I don't know . . . an actual script?"

Star Trek "Metamorphosis": Saved only by the inclusion of Elinor Donahue (who I've had a crush on since I don't know when).

"Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein": Weirdly enough this was the film where I first saw both the Frankenstein Monster and Lugosi's Dracula (including some nice bat-transformation animation). Such were the scheduling idiosyncracies of "Project Terror" out of San Antonio.

The Aardvark said...

The LIS episode with Hans Conreid as a hapless knight was the first program I EVER saw in color. I couldn't follow the "plot" because the color was so garish and distracting. Plus, the story was...deficient....