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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bad Wolff's Bilious Bleat

I enjoyed this by regular Michael Wolff, and thought it share-worthy.

Ordinarily being something of a phlegmatic sort I nonetheless occasionally meet some people who absolutely drive me to Perdition and back, and I want to somehow lash out at them
For example:
The More You Know: this is a group which puts chirpy little feel-good PSAs on television.  The PSAs offer all sorts of cheery Nanny State suggestions dealing with how best to fit in with the New Drone Society.  I keep wanting to send them an e-mail along the following lines: Hey!  I have a suggestion for a segment dealing with child raising.  Do you (the parent) want to raise healthy and happy kids?  Here's a tip.  Stop taking advice from self-declared television "celebrities" whose main goal in life is to insure that your child effortlessly becomes a cog for the Great Social Machine.  A happy little consumer who'll demand nothing but reality television.  Do something radical and try raising your own kids for a change.
Then there's . . .
Luminosity.com: on the surface this sounds like a worthwhile endeavor.  A site for online games and such designed to keep the mind busy and, as a result, exercised.  All well and good.  The problem is that the people in their commercials all look and sound as if they don't have two brain cells to rub together.  This is what Luminosity.com wants us to become?  Not only that, but the Internet already has more than enough sources for brain games and related puzzles if one only takes the time to search.  And then there's also . . . oh, I don't know . . . READ A BOOK?
Both these sites have something in common.  You can like them on Facebook and such, but you sure as hell can't contact them directly with a complaint.

Aardvark here...
I have one to add: the fitness PSA's that the Obama Administration has been backing. Momma keeps having daughter to run upstairs, out to the car, down in the basement, all to find Momma's car keys or summat, when Momma has them all along. Mommy Dearest lies to make Miss Chubbikins do laps. It ALL comes down to lies with these people!

Here you go!

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