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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Here is your Aardvark Sampler for the weekend...
Better than a Whitman's Sampler: no calories, and I'm all creams, truffles and caramels. No nasty fruit gel centres!

Comments on Vox's blog

Actually, the church in China is thriving...underground. Persecution does that; it gets the fat out, makes for a lean, mean disciplin' machine.

From what I hear, the Persecuted Church prays that the same happens here in the US, not out of spite, but to see the church get fit.

What we have now is a carping indifference from the Other Side. The whining we experience from them is not true persecution. When it comes, though, expect major persecution from many pew-mates.

My comment at PL's blog

My business has been conned-at least an attempt was made- via a relay phone call scam. Very similar to the Nigerian email scam, but using TTY operators as go-betweens. The operator relays info between parties, and sets up email or other contact. (The operator is a tool in this, and is not one of the artistes.)
Turns out this Nigerian (!) company wanted to purchase 2000 unprinted white tee shirts from us, and would pay by credit card. Whilst awaiting their email, I checked with my shirt distributor rep, as my inwards were going uh-uh, uh-UH, UH-UH!! He told me that it was in fact a scam making the rounds. While I am not ordinarily an Obi-Wan "Trust your feelings" sort- often the feeling is from one too many cups of coffee- there is a particular sort that I have learned to heed. Call it the Holy Spirit, or the Gift of Suspicion, whatever, I have learnt to ignore it at my peril.
Here is the Snopes article detailing this iteration of the Nigerian scam:

Another comment at the Voxster's re: white slavery

It is darkly suspected that this is / was the ultimate end of Natalee Hollaway, the wise and street-smart chick from Alabama who went off with stranger(s) in the middle of the night to the beach in Aruba.

Hmm...where's the best place to get someone out of your country quickly and quietly?

Here is Vox Day's WND article:

On Pretty Lady's blog
danonymous said:
Hmmph....Now Shaespeare comes upon the scene, looks around with one raised eye brow and says the prophetic words that later become a hit play.....
"Pretty Lady....
I do observe, that after all, there is
Much Ado About Nothing.
(You see, even when he talked, there were ten beats to a line).

Aardvark said:
Had I a white horse, and no attachments...
but no, it is not to be, cherie.

Glad to see it got better.

You should try Down South when it's cooler.
We have this GREAT restaurant next door...and not a deep fat fryer in sight!

danonymous is terribly amusing!

danonymous said...

ardvark said...
danonymous is terribly amusing!

But Am I terrible or..amusing?
For if I waiver, if I miss a beat,
these artful types will have me off my feet.
No restful pose will that be,as forced
am I to bended knee and thoughtful mood.
Aardvark chose his wording well ,line one
had ten beats, line two alas, shot to hell.
The Aardvark said...

All critique the humble 'vark, betimes,
His metre, yes, but ne'er his worthy rhymes.
With cadence true my love for Lady Belle
I chaste proclaim despite thy carping knell.

But thanks I give thee for setting the bar.
Since senior English, I've not come so far!

More from Pretty Lady's blog

Woof...well done.
I am imagining "Mother J" at the Sermon on the mount, with such twaddle falling from his lips. It reminds me of Max von Sydow's portrayal of Jesus in 1965's The Greatest Story Ever Told . He did not seem to have a context for any of his lines...he would be walking along with his crew, when suddenly he would allow a Wise Aphorism to plop from his lips, like some animate vending machine.
Thanks for your input on this, from one who considered the Episcopal priesthood as a yout'.

Happy Sunday.

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