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Monday, July 24, 2006

IS The Difference Clear?

Many of my reader may have received an RNC email from our president entitled "The Difference Is Clear"
Now, Crystal Pepsi was clear...current political comparison tests are rather murky between "Brand R" and "Brand D"

Here is my response, emailed to them, and shared with you:

To the RNC, GOP, and President George W. Bush:
Our robust economy is in main due to coasting on the policies of President Ronald Reagan, the last truly Republican president to my knowledge. The current spending spree enjoyed by Congress, and UN-vetoed by President Bush, is unprecedented in its magnitude, and is driven by...Republicans. Spending-wise, there is not a pin's worth of difference between the Republican majority, and the current crop of Democrats slavering for control.
Tax-wise, current "reform" policy is to my mind too little, way too little, too late. It is like putting new floormats in a totaled car. It's an effort, but not much of one. Real tax reform, or perhaps "tax revolution", is the only thing that can keep the Ship of State from foundering on the shoals of a moribund economy. Allow me to encourage you to FULLY BACK the Fair Tax (www.fairtax.org), the national retail sales tax championed by Congressman John Linder. It is a program guaranteed to practically stop the Underground Economy, garner taxes from organized crime, illegals, and others who currently pay no taxes. It has safeguards for the poor, and provides instant incentive for foreign investment on our shores.
As to "immigration policy", if I am to believe the news, there isn't one. Border patrol officers and INS agents having their hands tied by bureaucracy or overt orders to do nothing, and the official demonization of citizens like the Minutemen who risk much to do what our taxes should be paying for, does little to assure me of the security of our borders. With willfully porous borders, we have no Homeland Security. For what it is worth, here is a digest of what would convince me to remain in the Republican fold:

  • Fully backing the passage of the FairTax.
  • Fully enforcing our immigration laws, including capture and deportation of illegal aliens who are breaking our laws by merely being here, and who are taking jobs from hard-working Americans. The Fence will be a good start as well.
  • Even beginning to rein in spending, with a view toward returning our government to Constitutional limits. You know...the Constitution.
Failing this, I must admit, the Libertarian Party is starting to look quite reasonable.

Weatherly Hardy

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