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Saturday, May 18, 2013


The Aardvark is in Mobile at the venerable old SF con, Mobicon. Fandom has changed a lot. Just saw a 12-13 year old girl wearing one of those fashion corsets. Stempunk gear.

Mobi  is kind of an overclocked relaxacon, a very friendly crowd. I am a fixture here, a part of the furniture. In a good way. It is a little slow this year, but that's OK. All this, and Hungry Howie's Pizza, too.

A consumer tip: if you are not happy with a transaction, do not whine and complain endlessly. Tell the person what you want done to fix it.

Quite slow, actually.

Sci Fi cons can be counted on for bad cosplay, and salacious cosplay. Sometimes they collide in a horrid Reese's Cup of Doom.

Save us from tweeny Homestuckers. Loud ones.

Overheard strident conversation: "...and a man staring at a woman's chest would be like...a woman staring at his crotch!". Had I the presence of mind, I should have suggested a burqha, Many of the feminist gripes could be cured by Sharia law. At least the shallow inconsequential ones. Amusingly, the cultural vacuum left by the postmodern abandonment of Christian mores is opening the door for far less permissive incursions. Think. How many beheadings do you remember happening ten, twenty, thirty years ago? The Reagan years, those horribly moral oppressive years, had a decided paucity of domestic decapitations. I believe that the number is "zero".

Lou Zocchi is here. Gamer supplier Lou Zocchi. Gamescience Lou Zocchi. He tells cow jokes. He is a fun guy. Plus, he designed the Zocchihedron, the 100-sided die.

Going out with Authors and Publishers for dinner. Perhaps it will rub off....The ladies of Mercury Retrograde Press are delightsome. Herb McCaulla will be joining us, and on to Bamboo, the Japanese Place of Choice. It is a Japanese Happy Meal restaurant, Benihana-style with flaming onion volcanos, but the food is excellent.

This is stream-of-consciousness, and I am losing mine. That is a zuegma.

There is a chick cosplaying Yoko from Gurren Lagann in front of my table. Distracting.



Michael W said...

Steampunk conventions sound like fun. Wonder how the book tables are? Always on the lookout for new titles.

"Overheard strident conversation: '...and a man staring at a woman's chest would be like...a woman staring at his crotch!'. Had I the presence of mind, I should have suggested a burqha, Many of the feminist gripes could be cured by Sharia law."

For some reason this puts me in mind of Celtic Stone: a group famous for playing a lot of Renaissance Festivals and similar venues during the early 1980's. I used to pick up their tapes whenever I encountered them.

Anyway, their original female vocalist (Robyn Hilliard) eventually left the group when it finally dawned on her that medieval folk songs weren't amenable to feminist thought.

All of which goes to underline (at least to my way of thinking) what happens when people try to learn history by reading Marion Zimmer Bradley, rather than studying the real thing.

Doom said...

Urhm, I have, or used to, get my crotch stared at often by women folk. Not sure if it is because I am tall or they were "rude"? At least according to other women.

If it ever happens to you? Hitch up your hips and watch her act like a cat getting out of water. That's fun. Pulls em' right out of whatever they were thinking, it does. You may then grin at will. All day, maybe for up to a week.

I try not to talk to a woman's boobs but... Look, when she opens and splays them like a book, expect some reading. That's all I'm saying. I'm just a man. Though sometimes it's just animal and... Not even sure what I am looking for, either. Most have been kind to remind me there is a face too... usually nicely.

The Aardvark said...

I do not understand the thought process that demands that we deny our essential identity and programming. Not advocating libertinism, but wishing that the sensible acknowledgement of our sexual wiring be a part of the equation. Whether one has a biblical Solomonic appreciation of the female form, or a TENS-inspired recognition of superior breeding factors, it is a part of our nature, and these people wish to pretend that we instead have the homogeneity of tapioca pudding.
I have had several transactions take place, and my continuity may have suffered. Pardon. I have no inclination to even check.

-Warren Zoell said...


The Aardvark said...

Oh, Warren, you just want to see Yoko...;)

Actually, no. I did not faux-click a single virtual shutter this weekend.

It all seems so jejune, now, he said with exaggerated ennui.

I shall be at Animazement next weekend, a large-ish anime con in Raleigh, NC. There shall be photos, oh yes.

The Aardvark said...

As to the individual whining about down-lookers, no, you would not wish a photo. Trust me on this one, unless you are of that odd sub-fetish that adores the elephantine. You know, like Nimoy.