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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Heroes again

Part of the Madding Crowd making its way to the Dealers Room:


 The furry offerings of Adorable Foxie, my con buddy.
She, her hubby and sweet baby are such a treat to see, and they are lovely people.
Lovely people who almost sold their entire stock!!!!

 Here is a picture of a young cosplayer who was portraying
Rainbow Dash, the more athletic of the MLP-FIM crew.
I love that she has hooves. I bet that Jay does, too!!


Beautiful koi in a pond outside our figurative Victory Cigar. We dined at a teppanyaki restaurant (Benihana-style), Kanki on Sunday night, and it was wonderful. Ribeye done hibachi-style. DEElish. All that, and an onion volcano, too! Japanese Happy Meal.

On the way home, Riatsila and I made the pilgrimage to JR Outlet in Burlington, NC. They have a walk-in humidor...that is the entire cigar shop!  I picked up some good deals, my usual cologne/aftershave purchase (Royall Lyme this year!), and fluffy washcloths and towels to make the Dread Dormomoo happy.

I make an annual twenty-hour round trip to buy towels for my wife. Must be love! (They are good towels!)

We listened to One Second After by William Forstchen. It is the tale of life in Black Mountain, NC and environs after an EMP attack on the US. That we drove through there added piquancy to the tale. I heartily recommend it.

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Jay said...

I do not have a horsie fetish, thank you very much ...

Ponies! ... Aaaaaaargh!