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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mobicon, Part the Second

So, we four adjourned to Bamboo, a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar on Airport Blvd. here in Mobile, around the corner from the con hotel. Rachael and Margaret Ish (not Kabibble) of Mercury Retrograde Press, and Herb McCaulla his own self of Starbase Atlanta, an online fan emporium and I went for noms there, and yummy noms they were! We did the hibachi thing, and talked of many things, from
Ireland, to Scotland, to the Fairy Flag of my clan, to UFOs, and the predations of dragons. The Steak and Shrimp was accompanied by fried rice, grilled veg, AND noodles. The shrimp was not fishy in taste or smell, and redeemed the breed from my meal the other night. I indulged in Sweetwater, an Atlanta brew. We sat and noshed, and talked for two hours. Our waiter was attentive, not oppressive, and an amusing lad. The owner of the restaurant was polite and welcoming, and was genuinely happy for us to have been there. This is on the weekend planner for next Mobicon. Bamboo is a must. OH! The sushi was excellent as well.

Mobicon this year was a return to the comfortable "it was worth coming...I did better than had`I`stayed home watching TV." mode of prior years. The past two years were off the charts, so a 40% drop is not a dreadful as it sounds, but the last two years did spoil me.

My Esteemed Competition here at Mobi is in the person of Kelly Pate and his shirt biz ShirtButter.com. He has a fun angle on nerdwear, and I love it.

Note to self: rewatch "Conan the Barbarian", especially the "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." part.

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