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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Reading "First Flight " by Michael Wolff his own self has brought a mighty question to my mind.

Should not a "brothel" be a place where one would buy soup?

(Hey, Mikhail! How's THAT for a teaser?)

Anyway, as I have been immersed in SUPERCAR stuff for several days, I pulled out my DVD set and started watching while I printed this afternoon. BOY, that series holds up well.

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Michael W said...

"Should not a 'brothel' be a place where one would buy soup?"

I wonder how many husbands tried that excuse?

Matter of fact I was watching "Island Incident" earlier today ("that's Toast?"). Watching the old episodes make me wish Anderson had stuck with the habit of using live footage of sky and such for the backgrounds. It really added to the way the show looked overall.

And, now that I've typed this, back to work on the latest installment.