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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Low concept

 So, J.B., here's the pitch: A group of castaways are sucked from their desert island by a lightning-tornado-wormhole thingie. They whirl and twist through a coruscating tunnel of light and energy until they land on the flight deck of a huge spaceship, where the castaways and their kooky first mate are met by the ship's captain, his pointy-eared First Officer, and a crusty doctor. Hilarity ensues.

Title, J.B.? Sure. We were going with a working title of "Gilligan's Trek".

Tarentino to direct? GREAT!


Michael W said...

Did you ever happen to read Ruth Berman's "Visit To A Weird Planet Revisited" (printed in STAR TREK THE NEW VOYAGES)? It dealt with the cast of the television series accidentally changing places with their counterparts on the Enterprise.

The Aardvark said...

Read it years ago.

Doom said...

Nice concept. I think I'd need a bottle of tequila or good scotch to go there, but that has been known to happen. And a cigar, of course. Keep up the good work, laddy. :p