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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This one's for YOU, Ted!

The Dread Dormomoo and I trekked to Mobile, AL to attend MobiCon this weekend. A GREAT time was had by all, and my stint as Fan Guest of Honor was a pleasant one. Congratulations and glad-handing all around, plus people attended my panels on what got you into SF fandom, and a 30-year retrospective of being a huckster at SF conventions. (That one may not have been as dreadful as it sounds.)

The image above was the design I did ESPECIALLY for the weekend in celebration of the prophetic Rapture follies of Camping and Co. I was secure in the belief that I would have to issue no refunds. We sold ALL of the ones we took (two dozen), plus I had mail orders to print when I got home.

PLUS, the whole rapture stupidity opened the door to share some biblical truth in a comparatively hostile environment. (SF cons rarely have chapel services, f'rinstance, nor do the attendees sing "Kum Ba Ya" at the end.) It was a sweet time all around. I got to see old friends, new friends, AND I got to sell them things, too!

We did half again as well as at past MobiCons. Their attendance was WAY up, too!

Wayne, Don, and all the rest, thanks for an amazingly wonderful weekend! You, too, Tex!

Next year at Mobile!

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Ted Amadeus said...

Fine business.
Nobody who has ever read the Bible halfway, bought FAKEing's false prophecy either, so you were in good company. Ted Turner claims religion is "for the weak minded". Harry & his heresies prove much of it is geared for the LAZY-minded and illiterate (think Gubmint Screwool grads).