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Thursday, February 18, 2016

SHort, but it's all I got.....

Guys, this is important. This afternoon (Wed) my right eye felt like it had an eyelash in it. As the evening has progressed, it has become increasingly inflamed, and is what I would call " zombie eye". My vision is fine except for the tears and...stuff.
Prayers are appreciated, and wise counsel. I'm going to the doc in the morning, and expect an uber round of antibiotics in the offing.
I have resisted the irrational urge to use alcohol as an eyewash...

UPDATE: been to the doctor. Have bacterial conjunctivitis in one eye. Have a 10-day run of antibiotics, and a tube of AB ointment to squirt in my eye. The oral meds have given me a systemic taste in my mouth. It tastes like these would (Art by my son Noel)


Dear Mr. Governor Congressman Kasich:
You're not helping. You're freaking people out with your Judeo-Christian talk. Some people IMMEDIATELY went to worrying about your forcing an all-Christian nation.
Frankly, I don't know which is the more foolish, you or them.
It is not in the purview of the US government to promote one religion over another (despite what the current President seems to think), or promoting one at all. I should not wish to receive spiritual instruction by way of a bureaucracy, any more than I should wish my children to be taught to pray in a government school (please note: I use my words very precisely).
You are not helping the spread of the faith by giving people nightmares of Jesus posters with "Big Brother Is Watching" written on them.
Just stop.


Gigglesome, it is!
The people who ordinarily do not give a tinker's dam (not a cuss...look it up) about the Constitution are now all "WE MUST FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION!!!" to get a new Supreme Court Justice of Mr. Obama's ilk.


Please, dear conspiracy folk. the term is "martial law" NOT "marshall law".


So the presidential candidates' races once again come down, not to the real issues, but about who can have the bigger fanboys and fangirls.


I have been whinging for years about the deterioration of con attendees. A dear (younger) friend of mine said this about the stupid vandalism done at an established con this weekend:

"I swear people acted so much better at anime conventions when I was younger. I think the fact that nerdy stuff is so mainstream and accepted now that more rowdy people go. Before it was just hardcore nerds, now it's anyone that's seen a Marvel movie."
"Before it was just hardcore nerds, now it's anyone that's seen a Marvel movie."
It's called being a trufan.


The thing that is the MOST off-putting, and renders their opinions null and void, is the progressive (and I said "PROgressive, because that is the correct term) habit of heaping ill-will and schadenfreude on their opponents in the event of their sickness or death. I do not get it. It is less than human, especially in those whose stock-in-trade is "compassion".


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