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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Saturday Night Somewhat Soberblog.

Dat Wonder Woman! At a sci-fi onvention!! An apparently tiny con!
"Wonder Woman Spaced Out"

Rene Auberjonois in '70s mufti. Tragic.

As I said, tragic.
Rene A. plays an uber-thief hired to steal collimating crystals for an uber-laser weapon. An uber-thief who can't do buttons.

How did we survive the '70s?

Robbie the Robot AND Paul Smith, AKA Bluto, AKA "Beast" Rabban.  Sometimes this is not a dreadful show.

Star Trek.


Dat Kim Darby.


And Michael J. Pollard. "GWUPS!"

And the ugly kid from To Kill a Mockingbird:

"BONK BONK! On the head!"

This is one of the best Trek episodes!  Well thought-out.

And Yeoman Rand!



Boris Karloff sure gets wrapped up in his work.

One of the best con shirts I ever did was for Famous Movie Monstercon, a sadness of a con through no fault of the promoter or the subject matter. We used this picture:

to striking effect.

The Western "acquisition" of Egyptian antiquities is a difficult concept for Twenty-First Century sensibilities. The "For Science!" rubric covered a multitude of archaeological sins.

"Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with you?"  That's enough to eviscerate a guy!

The Mummy dood it. You're welcome for the spoiler!

I gotta get ready for tomorrow. Have a faboo Sunday!


-Warren Zoell said...

Study study study. Or it's bonk bonk bad kid!

Michael W said...

Among the stellar cast of "Miri" were two of Shatner's daughters and two of Roddenberry's daughters.

Love the scene where Spock and McCoy are figuratively tip-toeing around the issue of blindly testing the cure, then McCoy risks it while Spock's away.

Wonder Woman --- you remind me why I sometimes have trouble watching TV shows from the 70's.

Jay! said...

Re: Wonder Woman

I didn't know if there was a story/plot. All I saw was ... LYNDA CARTER!

Miri was NOT my favorite Trek episode. However, I did come to appreciate it later when channel 4 kept running Trouble With Tribbles to absolute stinkin' DEATH!

Michael W said...

@Jay --- Well, according to BBCAmerica there are only 20 episodes of "Next Generation". Or so it seems to me.

Admin said...

I think the word was GRUPS - short for grownups...

The Aardvark said...

Indeed it is "grups".

I was using Michael J. Pollard's pronunciation, because it amuses me.