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Monday, October 28, 2013

Into the warm embrace of Molech

Vox Day did a homeschooling post yesterday, sharing a Kentucky blogger's thoughts. A Vox commenter shared a comment from the OTHER blog:

"There's even a someone claiming to be a minister (certainly of the churchianity sect) claiming that homeschooling prevents Christian children from being the "salt and light" of the government schools."

This invariably sets me teeth to "espresso grind". I have no patience with Christians (or churchians) who fob THEIR responsibility off on their (and others') progeny. Not a surprise, as Western churches are bound to the heinous tradition of the hireling preacher, rather than following New Testament example. Clearly WE don't have time to make effort to evangelise, aid the weary and infirm, and teach brethren in the congregation. Not like we have a BIBLE or anything....

NOT the children's job, no matter how many episodes of "The Captain's Club" you listen to. You train up the child to make them ready to do such when they mature, not drop them into the lion's den with a handful of pulp tracts and a headful of memorised salvation verses. This attitude springs from the aberrant "make converts" paradigm, rather than Jesus' "make disciples" instruction and example.

Ok, so I have standards!
Went to my guinea pig appointment, where I filled out a survey:

Do you eat beans?
Would you like to see a new movie starring George Wendt?
Do you eat beans with George Wendt?
Would you like to see George Wendt eating beans in a movie?
Do you eat beans at George Wendt movies?
Would you like to see George Wendt in a bean-eating movie?
How many beans do you eat in a George Wendt bean-eating movie?
How many bean-eating movies have you seen with George Wendt?

Or something like that.

I got to have a blood test. Mine was red. I passed.
Actually, the Sweet Young Thang who was my caretaker this go 'round, and who was an experienced blood-taker, wound up doing the needle like a fifteen-year-old trying to parallel park, then called for someone to help. This was odd, because my veins are practically promiscuous in their readiness to share their bounty. I had shared an anecdote with her about a doctor who had pincushioned me in like manner, and the moment I had uttered the terminal syllable, I felt the cold hand of Fate. NEVER program your healthcare people.

She got the office gal, an ample lady who meant business, but my veins were out to lunch. Finally Jeff, the guy running the trial shooed everyone else out and coaxed a vein out of hiding. We discussed the eyelid, but considered it a bad idea. I was good-humored about it all, and apologised to the original gal for setting us both up for disaster.

Always watch what you say.


Doom said...

I, personally, see the people who put children out in front as pedophilic, directly or indirectly. There is a push to include children in society, but that isn't for their, or our, good. It is so they can, then, as is the case in Europe, be legally permitted to "choose" lovers in their early teens (or younger, as in some nations). Make no mistake about what that is all about. It is why women were made "equals". Corruptions. (I used the "equality" of women to allow them to allow me to desert them. Yeah, it's... that easy, and perfect, even technically legitimate, cover for a cad.)

As to the power of words? More so to those who are confident to a default (which you probably are, as a pitchman, husband, and father, beyond your full understanding). I have to be careful myself, but learned this long ago. Still... mistakes happen.

With a few words and a glance I have made women cry. No intent, just crushing power of being, and an odd thought that made them sad or afraid of reality (not me, just... things), I think. I really have to be gentle. Especially with teen girls and young women. "Oh, well, I didn't mean... blah blah blah.", but even that doesn't work once they are 'there'.

Of course, you can use it to... get more, better service, and such. A word of simple praise, spoken humbly and thankfully, has made me a king in some places. They don't even have to like you if they love you. Or... think they do.

The Aardvark said...

(I used the "equality" of women to allow them to allow me to desert them. Yeah, it's... that easy, and perfect, even technically legitimate, cover for a cad.)

Mercy, sir! Such light you have shined! The very thing they fear has come to pass. (The Biblical line of authority has been -purposely- misread as "domination" and "ownership", as it provides cover and protection for women. Once out from under the umbrella of Authority, one may be rained on by all manner of foulness.)

"They don't even have to like you if they love you. Or... think they do."

Such true. WOW! (Google "doge")
This is a conundrum, not merely in the speech mode. When we do shirts for an anime con, say, we deliver them, and they react like it's a Mother Tresa-level act. All we did was to do our job correctly. ("We are unprofitable servants, and have only done what we ought to have done.") Perhaps that is a rare commodity anymore. Experiences with fast food may corroborate.

Michael W said...

My veins can be touch and go as circumstances dictate. Unfortunately they've pretty much packed up and left for the most part (the nice ladies who handle my infusion at the rheumatologist sometimes have to become imaginative in order to find a way in).

Parenting is unfortunately a lost art in this nation. For most people children have become (at worst) a commodity and (at best) a dress-up doll. Recently I read an article where it was revealed that a sizeable number of kids two years old and under already have cellphones and tablets.

!!!I wasn't allowed to even touch our telephone (or consider the notion) until after I was eight years old!!!

Or maybe, instead of parenting, the notion of responsibility has become a lost art.

Doom said...

I have always considered myself Machiavellian. I haven't formally studied, mind you. Just from how I operate and how others react to it. I do think doge would fit quite well, compared historically from what I have heard of the man. You surprise me though, I didn't know I painted that easily. While I have come to obey God, within my ability, I do consider myself a shadow of the light, and this is part of why. Or... that's what I suspect, think, believe. Who knows how close to those truths reality is?


I didn't realize you were that bad off. I wish I could offer you a few veins. In spite of being seriously close to death myself, though not dying just suspended, my veins amaze docs and phlebotomists and such. They can't miss unless they are stupid. Even then it's like driving off the road, starting from the middle of a seven lane freeway. I'm in nearly perfect health save for the heart, and I mean perfect as in uncannily perfect health. Ideal, in many ways.

Michael W said...

@Doom --- don't feel too bad about my veins. As medical issues go it's the least of my problems. Part of it comes from the years my wife and I put in donating blood through the Red Cross. I was almost a nine gallon man before the veins at the spots on my arms I usually donated from pretty much gave up the ghost.

These days my rheumatologists (and the associated lab techs) use my hands to gain entry.

The Aardvark said...

I was actually referring to the Shiba dog meme...but my subconscious will accept credit for anything deeper.

@Michael- My kneejerk rant about "kids as pets" comes to mind. One of the more damning thing about many Boomers and THEIR progeny is being bereft of character, having been insulated in main by their parents from the things that build it. Of course, having been inculcated with an overtly materialist view of the universe doesn't help.

Michael W said...

@Vark --- my mother raised four kids and she never insisted that the schools nurture our tender little psyches. She wanted us educated and supported any effort our teachers made in that direction.

What a change from today, with Boomer parents wholeheartedly supporting the idea of the inmates running the asylum. I have a handful of friends who've been teachers, and hearing of their tribulations confirmed my decision not to get into Education was a proper one.

(One of my friends left teaching high school in order to work at an explosives warehouse. He claims the stress level was much reduced.)

Doom said...

No, nothing deeper it seems. Just delusions of grandeur again. I couldn't get any other hit that made sense. I don't use google by the way. Bing, at times Ask, as search engines, and I only allow their cookies for specific purposes. So... I didn't, and don't, get your drift.

Jay said...

@'Vaark- Blood checks out red? NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Have them check for Mu phase. Don't need "stealth aliens" running around trying "resynch" the world (Not into RaXephon. Your blood test only came up with a joke opportunity.).

Yup! girls are NOT guys. Even when you're right with them, you're wrong!

You should hear the krap the kids spout at the student union where I work. Warm embrace of Molech indeed!