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Monday, October 07, 2013

BOOM goes the dynamite.

The Boomer politicians are behaving according to type, and are eminently indictable. And it IS the Boomers in main that have placed us where we are, and by their insistence on "gimme" legislation, have helped squander any surpluses the nation ever enjoyed. Whenever you see an RV with an "I'm Spending My Children's Inheritance" bumper sticker, that's Boomerthink.

The Boomers took full advantage of the post WW2 economic boom. but never figured out WHY there was a boom: we had bombed our competitors into scrap metal. WE were the industrial powerhouse because we killed the competition. Then we rebuilt them. They never had a clue that the boom would end, so they let themselves get promised impossibly sweet pension deals, and sweet entitlement deals. Well, now the boom is a bust, the money is gone, the Boomer pols think "printing" billions in dollars will not devalue those dollars...It's like watching a 50 year old man on the front lawn waving a stick around and shouting Harry Potter spells, expecting something to happen, expecting them to work.

1 comment:

Doom said...

Absolutely no doubt. You really nailed it.

I have to hand it to my mother though. Even coming from that age, and having received nothing herself, when she sold out of her home she gave my brother and myself an inheritance worth more than she has ever known in her life, personally. And, yes, it does make a difference.