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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Yeah, but could YOU sell Jammie Dodgers to a Dalek?

Photo by Laura Peterson

The Aardvark has returned from the Whoniverse. Miz Bonnie and her crack team of con-putter-onners have yet another triumph! Con Kasterborous, the Doctor Who convention just finished, was an utter success, with over 900 attendees (I expect this number to be corrected upward). The Dread Dormomoo her own self was in attendance with me, and we clothed a good percentage of that number!

Thanks to Bonnie, Lori, Judson, Stacey, and the cast of tens whose names fail me as I am just this side of coma. Thanks so much for all the effort and love you all have poured into the con for the fans of this wonderful series!

Caitlin Blackwood...what can this 'Vark do but ...SQUEEE! (But it is a manly squee, a Patrick Warburtonesque squee.)

Yeah, I know. I "SQUEEEd" like a schoolgirl.

What a sweet kid, and so taken by our area and people. Lady S, Wayne N., Kelly Yates and Michael "Bad" Wolff...a faboo lineup all around. Chez 'Vark shall wait with bated breath for the revelation of the amazing cast of CK2014. (I'm betting on Colin Baker's second cousin's niece!)

Thanks again, and blessings to you all!

Fade to black.


Michael W said...

Michael "Bad" Wolff.

(And this, mind you, to the kid voted "Wimpiest" in the 1974 graduating class of Elgin High School.

Letting it be known that, once Mr. Weatherly's attention was turned from Caitlin Blackwood (admittedly a difficult task, seeing as how the Young Miss Blackwood is quite definitely a textbook example of a rosy-cheeked Highland Lass), he was (as always) a wonderful and convivial conversationalist, and provided much of the better moments of that particular weekend.

(For another thing he's far easier to talk to than an entire room of people.)

The Aardvark said...

Michael, I do not understand that last line at all, for my personality is as large as an entire room of people. (We shill not speak of my ego.)
You just say th' sweetest thangs !

The Aardvark said...

It was a delight seeing you again, aussi. This once-a-year bit must be changed! (Please keep me posted as to any Charleston area cons that may be of note.)

Caitlin appears to be as sweet as she appears! I did not even meet her, just viewed from afar. It was sufficient.

Michael W said...

A Charleston area con? We'll see amoebas drive speedboats before that happens.

And Denise and I won't be able to afford any of the out-of-state cons anytime soon unless a miracle happens. But I'll keep my ears open. I certainly wouldn't object to getting together more often.

The Aardvark said...

Of course. I am thinking of gigs for your peculiar expertise.

Shoot, I'd be open to a College of Charleston "Beany and Cecil" con.

Michael W said...

A "Beany & Cecil" Con? I am SO down for that.

Heck, the Dishonest John* Lookalike Contest alone would make the event worth the cost of admission.

(*touching, once again, on the subject of Great Television Villains)

"Beany & Cecil" (both the "Time for Beany" puppet shows and the Bob Clampett cartoons) was another example of programs ostensibly aimed at children which were too hip for the room (e.g. "Lariat Sam", "Roger Ramjet", etc.). Of course, given the pedigree of the people who worked on "Beany" it shouldn't have been surprising.

Jay said...

Which one in the picture is you Weatherly?