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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Facebook kvetching

People on Etsy and other such sites who contact me asking for a free shirt for you to review...
Yes, yes, you ARE doing it to get free stuff. I know this not through mystical 'Varky mind powers, but because I am a student of human nature. You want what I have, and offer me summat of miniscule worth in return. (Six followers, seriously?) We used to call that a "Zack trade".

And learn to spell: do not use ur texting skillz to make a business offer. U look less then professional, and it makes me disinclined to accept ur kind offer.

We did not encourage begging at Hallowe'en, either.

To put it plainly, Begging is rude; it is bad form. Not the "I haven't had a bite in days, bruvva, could you spare some change...?" type of quashing your pride just to keep your (or your family's) body and spirit together. I'm talking about Covetousness Writ Large, the "OOOH! I like what Aardvark or Adorable Foxie make. I'll beg *ahem* ASK for a sample and then make a YouTube video about it how keen it is!".

Yeah, this particular Social Phenomenon is really getting to me. It's like the cheeky kids at the con who walk up and ask "What do you have that you'll give me?" (Rummages through office box for A Piece Of My Mind....) I considered tracts, but that would be off-putting, ALMOST to the level of leaving a tract AS one's tip. Remember the "Trick Black Gum" advertised in comic books? RIOT! But no....

Please bear in mind I am NOT militating against helping someone in need. This is about people with resources who want My Stuff for nuttin' (well, what they offer amounts to zero). So yeah, quit the begging. It is mooching, and it is unsightly, a pox on the interwebs.

Stop it!

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Michael W said...

Myself, I don't mind a thief. I just prefer they be honest about it.