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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mr. McLeod notes on Fa-CHAYBook that O'Bama Is doing the Tried and True, taking money from those who create jobs to give to them wot's not got jobs; all this to create jobs.

Our Prexy is a genius, he is. I'm so glad we have a man who has been a CEO and knows how business works in the White House.

...oh wait...

In other news- a dear friend who has been dangling on a bureaucratic thread for months finally got the news: he cannot buy the house, because the property has a garage separate from the house. He might open a business and make money in the garage, and the particular government loan program cannot permit that. Because he MIGHT do something. Welcome to Minority Report.

"There is no help in the House of Jesse."


Michael W said...

And you will not hear a laugh
all except inside the Gates of Eden!

Ted Amadeus said...

The Owners are displeased with US?