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Friday, April 24, 2015

An Aardvark Update!

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Two things to make "sustainability" happen.
1) Coastal desalinating plants. Why is this not a thing, now? (California, here's a hint...drop the high-speed rail project, and build desal facilities so you can have water!)
2) Geo-synchronous orbiting power satellites that take raw solar energy, convert it to microwave, and beam it to rectifying antennas in, say, the Mohave, the Sahara...desert, uninhabited places, where the microwaves are converted to electricity and fed onto the grid. Endless virtually free power, beyond equipment cost and maintenance. We could do this NOW.


So, a pleasant chick you do not know, whose page has a lot of flag-waving and God talk, messages and wants "to chat and get to know each other better".
Isn't that sweet?


The theta replacing the stars in the ecology flag is also the first letter in "thanatos", the Greek word for "death".
The environmental True Believers have been telegraphing their druthers the whole time!


Roy Rogers' horse is my trigger.


Ron Popeil...you MUST save the Earth. Make a home-bio diesel device. Pour the bacon grease, hamburger drippings, and Fry Daddy oil into the hopper, set it...AND FORGET IT!


Y'know...when you meet someone, odds are they may say something mildly offensive, or unintentionally hurtful, or somewhat abrasive to your sensibilities.
Deal with it. Few know my hot buttons, of which there are several, and thus I am "offended" with some regularity. I assume that they are not out to intentionally ruffle my feathers, or to harsh my mellow, so I let it go.
Give it a try. Feels better than swelling in a toadly fashion and assuming offense.
This post was not intended to offend.


So, went to the Doc. Told him my problem (severe body and joint aches, with shifting severe pain/pressure in my shoulders and back, which would inexplicably stop and move to my lower back. Kept me home over the weekend this was happening), and that I needed to re-up my BP prescriptions. I have been several days without them, because the office was closed the day I went last week.
Well, your tender Aardvark, your butter-would-not-melt-in-his-mouth Aardvark, your narcotics-trade-virginal Aardvark has a little problem.
Your pure-as-the-driven-slush Aardvark is going through withdrawal. The particular type of drug that one of my BP pills is (ACE inhibitors) has a nasty habit of payback. Heh. I'm jonesin' for my Lisinopril. C'mon, Doc, you know I'm good for it....
My sweet Dread Dormomoo just handed me The Stuff.
Yeah...THAT'S the stuff!

(days pass)

Apparently, the one-two punch of my BP pill and an anti-inflammatory is easing the symptoms somewhat. I do not feel like discorporating would be a help, so that's good. Thanks for your rapt attention to my whinging. I will let you know how it goes, since so many online expressed interest and concern.
See, this is what happens when you pet the stray puppy!

(days pass)

I made it to the St. Louis con with no issues. Feeling in fine fettle now!


Later. I have Things to Say.


Doom said...

Yeah, those zippers will zap you. Carvedilol is my poison. The rest of the stuff I can take or not without issue. Oh, well, starting and stopping the water pill can lead to rude things happening, just not the feeling of being used to clean a bar after the brawl. *wipe*

Thanatos is the word for death, but also the god of death (some deaths... the easy, natural, die in your sleep, sorts of death). Also a clue. Truth is, that is what they are hoping for, in spite of all the facts that the truth will be a death of the many Keres from their folly.

Hmm... he went with Thanatos. He had a heart attack and didn't even stay awake and alive to know it. Meanwhile, the rest of us screamed in horror as the Keres introduced us to our horrid, bloody, fiery end as the car he was driving plunged off the 600 foot cliff.

Just trying to cheer you up with a story. No need to be offended, oh driver of doom. :p

Jay! said...

Sustainability - Wherein Al Gore and others pay their "carbon offsets" and continue to live in the style they're accustomed to while we dutifully live our lives as low and austerely as possible.

Makes me a believer in class war.

We were promised a lot during the '50s, '60s. I want my jetpack, anti-gravity belt, foldbox, force field, deathray and portable hole.

What'd we get instead? Windows ...


I'm curious. What's the flag waving "God talker"s' website? A rapture bunny no doubt.


I always thought the theta in the envirus flag to be how some cultures grow in petri dishes.


The Lone Rangers' horse is my silver.


K-tel, in conjunction with Whammo and Candlelite Music presents another Popiel by Ronco! It chops, mashes, smashes, dices, slices, ripple cuts, julienes and plays 50 of Elvis' greatest hits!

Order now and we'll throw in a set of Ginsu knives absolutely free for twenty dollars more. Now isn't that a clever clever!

Maybe I'll just call Couger Life and let the old broads know I'm available instead.


Sir ... I AM OFFENSIVE ... er ... uh ... OFFENDED!


Had problems with a psychoactive drug used to help me cope with OCD. Had problems with a psychoactive drug used ... AHEM! ... Stuff wasn't helping and I pitched it. Withdrawel symptoms took over two months to stop.

Michael W said...

Cheetah's the way I swing.

(Okay, that was the best I could do.)

Geo-synchronous orbiting power satellites. Nice idea. Commendable. Gerard K. O'Neill was a prime supporter of the concept.

Unfortunately the concept is, and probably will be, hideously expensive to establish and maintain. At least until someone comes up with some engineering shortcuts. One economic shortcut would involve using lunar material or captured asteroids to build the orbital infrastructure (rather than take on the cost of hauling components out of Earth's gravity well). But then you're faced with the cost of establishing a space-based industrial complex. There's also the cost involved in setting up receiving stations on Earth (as well as the size of such stations in order to make the idea useful). Plus, transmitting microwaves to Earth would play merry Hob with the bandwidths being used by satellites in the already crowded geosynchronous Earth orbit area.

Now, ask people if they can live without satellite TV, radio or phones, and be prepared to run.

Eventually, though, someone will possess the stones, vision (and, more importantly, the money) to establish space-based industry, and That Someone will be the new Rockefeller or J.P. Morgan. Maybe a tyrant, maybe a king-hell whirling SOB, but also the sort of person who helped built the America we currently fritter away.

Desalinating plants? This is being shackled more by political cowardice and short-sightedness than the obstacles in the way of powersats.