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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why I do not trust political arguments employing Scripture....


It would not be unkind to say that the view of this particular picture's authors is left of centre, the same alignment that utterly dismisses Levitical teaching on homosexuality, as well as other sexual misconduct. Sauce for the goose, Mr. Saavik.

That's right! It is certainly fine to cherry-pick verses that agree with your opinion or point-of-view, but Heaven forbid that you pay heed to what gives you political dyspepsia.

I do not care whether the point of view is right or left, or north-by-northwest. Neither Moses nor Jesus Christ are political figures, and to drag them and their specially-picked sayings into the mire of political foolishness is a debasement most foul.

The Word of God exists to show us of our need of redemption and change, and to show God's gracious provision of a redeemer. Perhaps if that were examined, rather than trying to rope the Almighty into supporting our partisan bickering, then maybe a redeemed people agreeing with God's POV might be able to help straighten out this old world.


Doom said...

Good call. The bible, I suppose you are correct, isn't political, or social, it is personal, mostly. But! From the personal it then should flow into all else. You are correct to note that this man, and others, choose what of it is personal, but not for them, for us.

Most Christians don't know the bible. Most cherry pick verses that make them feel good. If you read the whole bible? You won't feel good, in many ways. It isn't about feelings, anymore than it is about politics.

If this man was honest, then he and his would support European immigration, based on blood lines and such. As a general rule. They don't. He also ignores many other notions of the New and Old Testaments.

As for me, I will try to quote the bible more when explaining a personal consideration, argue against a mischaracterization of the bible or Christian tradition, or to help contemplate a notion. Or argue against some of those things. Modern churches have much wrong. All ignore what is inconvenient, either literally or by decided sloth. Bishops of my church, for example, were on the side of zerocare, even with abortion and abortive birth control and birth control itself as part of the tenets of that legislation, which should be instant excommunication. Sloth.

Jay! said...

When someone asks:

"But ... Don't you believe in the inerrancy of the word of God?"

I answer:

"Of course I do. I just don't believe in the inerrancy of YOUR INTERPRETATION of the word of God."

Michael W said...

@Jay --- Good one!

Doom said...

If you see the bible as a series of thoughts, you already don't understand. It's a full, complete, stream of conscious thing. Taken in whole, it is a picture of God. Now, I don't think we can fully visualize. Oh, but do include the old testament.

I don't think much in the bible can not be, seemingly, opposed, by another part. But if you take the opposing parts, and put them together, you won't see opposition, you will see limits, like the goal posts for kickers in football. Most don't look for that, they look for proof that one extreme or another is correct. As with football, with only one goal post, there is no objective way to understand, within the rules of football or life.