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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So, Anime Festival Orlando has come and gone, and great was its being! Karen Trudeau and her varied minions and goons have once again pulled off an outrageously good anime convention, and Robin Cascio helmed the dealers room with grace and dispatch, making for a drama-free weekend. Friday and Saturday seemed off sales-wise, but Sunday surpassed either, and grossed us higher than last year, I believe. THANKS GUYS!

We were across from Wolfhome Adventure Outfitters, and they were fun neighbors. Jennifer sells kimonos and other Japanese finery, with ball-joint dolls (Dollfi-type) and clothing, some steampunkery and suchlike.

Adorable Foxy was next to us, and her ears and tails were a hit at the con. She is such a sweetie, and her helper was a peach, too.

I am willing to lose another year of my life until the next AFO.

GenkiGoth, we love you!


Michael W said...

Just finished watching the entire Strike Witches series (one I highly recommend, as well as the anime version of Makoto Yukimura's PLANETES).

Things have certainly come far since the old days of being in the Houston branch of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization, when me and several others would sit around watching third or fourth generation untranslated videos of Mobile Suit Gundam or Lupin III episodes.

The Aardvark said...

Michael likes the pantsu !

Srsly, I want to see it. It is such a weird alternate timeline. (BTW, did you ever read Katherine Kurtz' "Lammas Night" about good English witches battling Nazi witches?)

I have PLANETES, and have seen the first few eps (it was a family sit-down-and-watch-it thing, but busy-ness happened.) This winter we can start again.

We are currently enthralled with a live-action Japanese movie trilogy "20th Century Boys". I cannot recommend it highly enough! It is Japanese audio w/ English subs. Buy it, rent it, borrow it, torrent it. By hook or by crook, you will.

It really is that good!

Be seeing you.
OH! You remind me of the Atlanta Fantasy Fair days, buying Japanese subbed "Supercar" VHS tapes. 45th generation, I think. It was either "Supercar" or "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". SOMETHING was flyin' around in the static.

Michael W said...

Yeah, I will confess I was originally drawn to STRIKE WITCHES for all the wrong reasons, but stayed with the series because I got to enjoy the characters.

Haven't heard of LAMMAS NIGHT or 20TH CENTURY BOYS, but will definitely look into them. Thanks.