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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The current kvetchfest about Pretty Women and Their Higher Wages is most droll.
(The added plus of having it reported by the Fox Newsfoxes just makes it more gigglesome.)

The Dread Dormomoo posits that it is all because the Pretty are also the Smarter. They know, instinctively or otherwise, that the putting forth of the best foot, dressing for success, and utilizing What God Gave Ya is the best way to go. (Not the exposure of hectares of boobosity, but rather dressing attractively.)

The Liberal Arts College dressing-down, Birkenstocked, unshaven "I'm being Honest: this is Me" may win points at the coffee house or poetry saloon, but it ain't the Nineties any more.
Verbal self-control is a winner as well. The office is one environment, the bistro is another entirely. What may be acceptable at The Macaroni Factory and Potable Palace is likely a tad loose for business, and gettin' stuff done.

Frankly, given the choice between, say, Laurie Dhue and Amanda Marcotte (or any of the Womyn's Studies crowd from my Alma Mater), whether for Journalism or for fetching a latte (ha, I said "Laurie Dhue" and "fetching" in the same sentence) I think that Ms. Dhue gets the job.

(Of course, if it were Shep Smith, The Dread Dormomoo and I would both hire. He's dreamy....)

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Billiam said...

Ah, the women of FOX. I am now able to pay attention to the news, rather than the women. Lookers, but I'm past that shallowness now. You believe me, right?! ;-)