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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran is now a 'nuclear state' says Ahmadinejad


MacLaren said...

The whole situation is a drag. Have you seen "Checkpoint?" Life in a police state... what a stupid way to die.

Though... I do feel badly for Iran. They keep getting picked on. Haven't had a good empire in 2400 years. At least Russia is sticking up for 'em.

Wish I had one of those curved swords.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Most of the problems we're having in the ME are because we WON'T let Israel do what it wants!
Israel has won every overt engagement the ragheads ever started.
IF THERE WAS ANY COMMITMENT TO WINNING TWOT in Washington, we would look the other way when this one heats up, and fund/supply/arm Israel through surrogates.

MacLaren said...

Israel isn't the good guy in this conflict.

There is no good guy. Forget arming Israel, it's better for the US to disengage completely.

Besides, the Jews are just as obnoxious as the Arabs. I like both groups, irrepressible buggers that they are.

The Aardvark said...

I think I intimated that...

Iran is a sovereign nation, and thus is as entitled to whatever development programs as any other nation. If they act like mad dogs, the neighbors will need to deal with it. Except, our Nanny-to-the-World State Department will do its level-best to rein Israel in.

Israel also has the right to exist, and if Iran poses a tangible threat to that, Israel has every right to meet that threat.

"But Israel is MEAN to the Palestinians!"

First,, there is no true "nation" of Palestinians. They are essentially hoboes who have lived throughout the Middle East, and had been welcome in Jordan until Arafat made them odious to the government and got the left foot of fellowship. They have (via their leadership) been unliveable-with.

I harbor zero end-timesy sentiments toward Israel, but as a sovereign state, they have the right to exist, and to defend themselves, in the midst of neighbors who would adore for Israel to go away in fire and blood. No nation is pristine morally, "for all have sinned", but we should try to get along. Many have no desire to. The US needs to butt out of the ME.
We might see a decreased need for Patriot Acts and the TSA.